Whether you are looking for a stunning pumpkin sculpture to turn heads at your storefront or corporate party, or even considering “going big” at a large event that will inspire your community, Villafane Studios can help you make an impact. With each new carving from Villafane Studios comes the unique promise of mass exposure as there has not been a Villafane Studios pumpkin that hasn’t gone viral around the world.

Also assured is that no two pumpkins will ever be exactly alike! Feel free to explore our gallery and chose a favorite pumpkin design there, or if you have a vision of your own, we can accommodate that too. From single pumpkins, to multiple pumpkin displays and even gigantic pumpkin displays, the results you will get from Villafane Studios are guaranteed to be jaw dropping!

Pumpkin events can be held from late summer to early winter depending on your location and how pumpkin crops perform in the particular year.  Late August through September could lend to some intricate pumpkin displays at a county fair or pre-Halloween event, October’s possibilities are endless, and November could lend to viewing pleasure for a Fall Festival.  Big or small, we can do them all.

Important Note: October is a hot month that books quickly.  If you have an interest in booking an event that month, there are a few things you should know.  Weekdays consist of Monday through Thursday and are at a discounted rate.  Weekends are booked at a two day minimum.  Custom pumpkins are available for shipping, however, in addition to the sculpting fee, customers are responsible for the cost of overnight shipping which is calculated by the weight of the pumpkin.


The beauty of Sand Events is that they can be held anytime of the year, indoors or out, and can be any theme of your choosing.  Whether it is a historical theme outlining the past of your city or company, an animal theme for your zoo, a fish theme for your aquarium, a religious theme for your church, or just something out of your own imagination, Villafane Studios can deliver.

Just looking for a singular sand sculpture?  From 4 foot tall and 6 foot wide, to 20 foot tall and 45 feet wide, we can provide you with some of the most dazzling and detailed sand sculptures you’ve ever seen.  The possibilities are endless.

If you’re looking to draw foot traffic to an event, a full showcase of sand sculptures is guaranteed to do the job. We guarantee the top artisans in the industry and can promise you that our team of sculptors will deliver a cut above the rest.  Our strength and recognition is in our details and our artists take pride in outdoing themselves on each and every project.  Let us surprise you!

It is our mission to continue raising the bar and delivering the best temporary art you’ll ever see!

Please use the email form below to send an inquiry. We prefer email so we have your information in writing and can keep track of it more easily. 888-592-3337

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