For many years Ray and his Villafane Studios team traveled the world offering their elaborate pumpkin carving skills to venues far and near.  While it was a fun ride, it was Ray's ultimate goal to end up essentially "in his backyard" where he could concentrate his efforts on a bigger vision.

In 2015, the adorable, hidden in the hills little Town of Carefree reached out with an interest for Ray to carve pumpkins for a festival they were looking to establish.  One meeting in and one walk around the Carefree Desert Garden were enough to get Ray's creative juices flowing and a vision in his head.

Five glorious years later, our little pumpkin town has grown and evolved in all the best ways to include an array of fun characters, hysterically funny story lines, epic props, rock balancing mice, a scarecrow clan and some of the most elaborate pumpkin carvings you will ever see preserved in life-like saguaro cactus tanks throughout the garden.

Our annual newspaper, "The Daily Smash" gives a little taste of the latest side splitting storylines, shenanigans, scandal and fun going on in our enchanted world.  Gourdy Ghouligan and his Carefree Hooligans are quite the crew!

Come out and join us for some laughs, great memories and a new family tradition! You'll experience Halloween like never before with Villafane Studios magically infused pumpkin world!

In 2019 we are adding performers, an upgraded haunted house, a puppet show and a fortune teller along with all new fun storylines!

For more information including the 2019 schedule and prices, visit: Town of Carefree Enchanted Pumpkin Garden.





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